Dr. E – Wish You Were Here

An oldie (not really), but a great one – my very good friend Dr. E & The Invisible Band covering Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. I recorded the audio, shot the video, and edited together the video. It was our first time working with a two camera set up, so it was a lot of fun. Watch below or on Youtube. And if you want more Dr. E, check out his Facebook page or his website.

“Caroline Kills Almost Everyone”

“Caroline Kills Almost Everyone” is a short film by Wax Idiotical Films. It was for the 2013 New Hampshire 48 Hour Film project, and I was lucky enough to be asked to compose music for it. I’ve embedded the video below, or you can alternately watch it on Youtube here.

This project was really fun, and Kyp Pilalas was a great director to work with. I hope to do more like this very soon. Hit me up if you are looking for sound design or composition for your next project!

Disappointed with CDBaby

So as you may know, I released my latest “KNova” album, Nucleoacoustics, through CDBaby (as well as Bandcamp). It seems like I may not make that choice in the future considering they screwed up possibly the most important part of my release: the artist name. Now, it may seem insignificant, but I am not “K-Nova”. That name belongs to a rapper who I am frankly unfamiliar with. I’m sure his music is great. But he is not me.

When I released my album almost a month ago, I triple checked every detail before pushing it out. CDBaby did not do the same. If I am paying them money for a service,  I would expect some level of quality, and unfortunately in this case it is low. I’m not quite sure how they messed up my artist name which I input correctly. Years as a web developer tell me that if data is input into a form, it is not hard to send it exactly as it to the database, and it is not hard to retrieve that data exactly as-is from the database.

So now my release is screwed up on multiple digital distribution outlets. After a few emails were exchanged, I managed to get iTunes corrected (hasn’t happened yet, though), but that still won’t fix the mistake on other websites like MOG and Simfy. One CDBaby rep even told me the problem could not be fixed because I had already assigned a barcode to the release name. Yes, I realize that – but its not my fault you screwed up my name! Why should my bar code be wasted because of your mistake?!

So if you are reading this, be very wary of CD Baby. They did a great job with my MiTiDo release, and screwed up a simple, glaring detail in my latest release. Draw your own conclusions. CDBaby, if you are reading this, you have my email, and you still have the chance to correct your mistake.


After flirting with the idea for quite a while, I’ve decided to release some electronic music. Again, after long heated discussions with myself (and a few close friends), I also decided to get some CDs printed for this album. I give you: Nucleoacoustics

Currently, there is a $5 version available through Bandcamp.com. However, if you’d like the physical, CD edition, you’re going to have to wait til around September 4th. The CD edition contains 5 bonus tracks, and its a sexy piece of 1980′s engineering. However, if you hate CDs for some reason, the bonus tracks will also be available for purchase on iTunes / Rhapsody / Amazon / eMusic / Google Play / etc. This “extended” version (as well as the CD) cost $10. My opinion? Since its the same price, just buy the CD!

I’ll update this post with links to the CD when it becomes available. For now, you can stream or buy it from Bandcamp (or through the music page on my site).