Sharing my music on BitTorrent

So, I wanted to get some more exposure for some of my music. Sometimes it just feels good to get your name circulating around the internet and whatnot. So what did I choose to do? Put my music up for free download on BitTorrent. Waffles, to be exact. If you have an account, you can search for “MiTiDo” and find my torrent.

Why this is a cool idea: I get exposure. People get free music. BitTorrent can be used as a legal means to distribute my music, as it seems to get a lot of wrap as a piracy-only tool. Also, I used my “record label” (Nova Song) in the release, starting up a small catalogue list inside the torrent. I basically just listed all albums released under Nova Song in order of release and gave locations for their purchase/download. So if I do manage to get a fan out of any of the leechers, they can follow up my works with similar things I’ve worked on.

I’m excited, and its good to see that in the first 30 minutes of putting up my torrent, 11 or 12 people downloaded it. I guess people just like their free music.

4 thoughts on “Sharing my music on BitTorrent

  1. I’d suggest talking to staff on the tracker and having it officially released. You’d get a front page article and some decent amount of publicity. You’d also get a lot more downloads.

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